Windows and Android Tech Tips



A few months ago, our living room TV started to get really fuzzy and my husband said it was time to get a new TV. I kept saying “It is not that bad once it warms up” but finally I agreed it was time for a new one. So we did some price comparison and got a bigger and smarter TV for Christmas. We like to joke around and say we used to have a dumb TV now we have a smart one.

Actually, it is pretty smart because it connects to the internet through a HTMI cable in back of TV and has a built in device called Reko..Through the internet eko allows you to stream services such as  Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube etc. The best part is there an app that can be downloaded on our communication device which lets us control everything on Reko. The buttons big enough so that I can press them on my communication device’s screen. The TV in our bed room is a “dumb” TV but it is possible to purchase an external Roku on Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Light Controls (Windows)

After receiving help from my husband, Dave, we finally figured out how to operate our lights in our house through our communication devices.  He found a little device called a X10 R.F. PC Transceiver that plugs into his USB port on his communication device and it sends signals to a X10 TM751Wireless Transceiver Module.  The Transceiver Module then sends signals to X10 Lamp, Appliance, and Wall Switch modules you can place throughout your house.  I know this may sound difficult but it really isn’t because all you are doing is plugging things.

Dave has it all setup on his communication device and he is like a kid with a new toy.  He has been turning lights on and off all day.  He loves the independence of controlling his environment!  Dave has created a web site called Aids for Life ( which lists all that theequipment you will need under the electronics button.

TV Remotes (Windows)

Most of the Speech Generated Device (SGD) come with the capability of controlling one’s environment such as lights, fans, and other electronic devices. It is easy to program TV remote signals into it SGD by pointing the remote into the inferred receiver on the device. Although it is not as simple with the controlling lights because, they do not have remotes. You have to turn it on and off with a light switch on the wall or on the lamp switch. It is possible to purchase environmental control system(s) which will allow any lamp(s) or appliance(s) that plugs into an electrical outlet to be control ed by a remote.
One environment control unit called Bestten remote control lamp holder. It screws in between the light bulb and the lamp shots (the part that makes it remote controlable). The only problem is, it is not Inferred so it won’t work with SGDs. There is also one called Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Appliances and it is inferred. The only draw back is, it has be installed by an electrician is not very user friendly. It has been frustrating to find easy to use universal environmental systems that works with IR signals but I am determined to find one.

Why is it important to have access to remote controlled APPs?

We all know that America’s favorite pastime is watching TV. We watch at home, friends’ and family’s homes, hotels, hospitals, etc. For the average person, they can pick up a standard remote control and turn the t.v on and off, change channels, and so on. Though some people who use speech generated devices (SGD) not only use it to communicate, they also use it to control TV’s, cable boxes/satellite, and other electronics.
Recently, my husband was in the hospital and he couldn’t control the TV in his room. He can control the TV, cable box, CD player, etc at home where he has programmed each remote signal in his SGD. It is great, because he can be the “typical” husband. However, sometimes I would like to take control of the remote and watch shows that I like. I don’t have the time nor the patience to program every button. Therefore,  I prefer to download apps to control devices around my home. I am quickly able to find the apps when I am in different environments.

With that said, it is my mission is to comb through the good Apps and the not so good Apps. I hope you find this helpful:)


August 20, 2017 (Window)

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on this topic.  I have been researching the use of apps on Windows 10 systems.  The majority of people are  familiar with Google apps which is not on Window 10. It has a similar app program called Store which is located under the Window icon (select all “app”, scroll down to the S’s and select”Store”). I use the search box to find “TV remote”., I downloaded the following apps and the following:

⦁ TV Remote for Windows 10 – I thought this would be a great  since my SGD runs on Windows 10.  It was a total bust, not worth downloading.

⦁ Direct TV Remote – This remote is awesome because you just download it, select Search, Add remote, and a picture of the remote appears.   You can push the buttons directly on the screen.  However, the buttons are the same size of the handheld remote and this could be a problem for people with hand dexterity problems like myself.  Although, I can use Mouse Keys to make selections.  Below is a picture of the remote: 20170920_105649.jpg