My Life, Not Yours

Lately I have felt like people are not respecting the way my husband, Dave, and I like things done a certain way in our home. I am very grateful for the help but I just need people to be my hands and legs.  Mentally I know exactly how I want things done although I don’t want to be a micro manger. such as sweeping/mopping, making the bed/changing sheets, etc. You would be surprised some people don’t know how do these basic tasks.

For instance, once Dave and I were still asleep and our attendant decided to rearrange things in living room. I didn’t particularly notice but Dave did, and got mad. I agreed with Dave and thought it was a very strange thing to do. Another time I had told my attendant multiple times to throw my wet depends in the main trash can in the garage instead of putting them in the bathroom trash so the bathroom trash wouldn’t smell. Yet another situation occurred with Dave, he asked one of our attendants to only feed the fish a certain amount of food and she disagreeing about the amount of food. It is like I don’t know anything about fish so I don’t get involve with the fish.  I trust he knows how much to feed fish because he has had fish throughout his life so he should know.  I feel like it is our house why can’t people respect how we want things done without disagreeing with us.

We have so many attendants coming and going.  If we changed our lifestyle every time we got a new attendant to meet their lifestyle, we would changing our way of living every six months.  Dave and I just want to live the way chose too.