The Upside

upside picLast weekend my attendant, husband, and I saw the movie “The Upside” which is the English version of “The Intouchables” which is in French. The movie is about a man who is a paralyzed billionaire (Bryan Cranston) who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a recently paroled convict (Kevin Hart) whom he hires to take care of him. I saw both movies but I liked “The Upside” the best because I didn’t have to read the subtitles.

I was caught off guard by the number of people who were there to watch the movie. Were there really that many people interested in watching a movie about a paralyzed man and his attendant? Shortly after the movie started, I realized it had many famous actors and actresses in it such as Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulies, Aja Naomi King and Bryan Cranston and that was probably why there was a large audience. It is like how I love to watch every movie with Sandra Bullock. I may not like the story line of every movie she is in such as the Bird Box but I still watched it.

I thought it was extremely engaging to use famous actors and actresses to show people how daily life is for someone with a physical disability. Of course, not everyone with a physical disability is not a millionaire, quite the opposite, though hiring attendants is an ongoing issue. My favorite scene in the movie is when Bryan Cranston “Phillip” has a hall full of attendant candidates with many years of experience. When it is Kevin Hart’s, ”Dell”, turn to interview, he expects to be turn down for the job (he has no qualifications or experience as a care taker) and just get a signature that he applied for a job. instead Phillip and Dell has a hilarious exchange of words and Phillip offers him the job. Dell has no idea what he has to do as Phillip’s care taker and is taken back by all the physical care he needs to do for him. It is exactly what I would do, higher the person no experience over the person with 10 years. I like to hire people with an awesome personality.

I highly recommend this movie.

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