Visit to the Dentist

unnamedA couple of days ago, I went the dentist and like most people I dread going to see the dentist. However, this time I wasn’t anxious because, even though I was only getting x-ray and a cleaning. I was put under sedation. It was so nice not having my tongue move all around as it would always get in way during my teeth cleaning. I remember the dental hygienist always saying to try to hold your tongue out the way about 100 times. I thought to myself “No, I am purposely holding right where you need to clean.”

One time a while ago I had a terrifying experience when I was getting x-rays taken of my teeth when sedation was not commonly used. The hygienist was having trouble putting the film in my mouth. I swear to this day she told me to bite down and when I did, her finger was right between my teeth. I bite down hard and felt so embarrassed.  To make matters worse the dentist practice was mad at me and accused me of purposely biting her. I just wanted to the hell out of the office but I had to wait for my ride. That was the longest thirty minutes. Needless to say, I was banned from the dentist and there was no way I was going back there anyway. In fact, it was many years I would step in a dentist office. Hence now a lot of dental done but I can have it all under sedation

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