Our Trip to Fredericksburg

Last week Dave, my husband, and I went to Fredericksburg which is a little town in the Texas hill country to celebrate his birthday. I was amazed how wheelchair accessible it was compared to 10 years ago. I remember going there with my mom and step-dad, I could only get into couple of restaurants and stores with my wheelchair.  This time we had no problems getting into buildings (stores, restaurants) and they had curb cuts on every side walk.  We also stopped at wineries along the way and they were all accessible. It was a wonderful trip.

Ironically, a friend of mine texted me while we there asking my opinion on portable ramps. She wants to be able to get into people’s houses.  She had been looking on Amazon for portable ramps. I looked at the site as well and compared them to the one Dave has.  I couldn’t find the exact same one but I was able to make recommendations on similar ramps. I think it is so cool that “medical equipment” on Amazon, a website everybody uses.

I wonder if service providers (agency who purchase equipment for consumers) use Amazon to buy equipment.  Dave told me about how he got his portable ramp. It was when he got his first job, there was not a curb cut on the sidewalk by his office. He was obtained the through a service in Ohio.  We still use it.  Sometimes when there are two or three steps with gaps in between them, we are able to move the ramp to one step at a time.

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