Attendant Care Problems

attendant care pic


A common requirement among a lot of people with physically disabilities is attendant care. Attendant care is almost as important as eating, though you can’t eat without attendant care. My husband, Dave, and I are on the Consumer Direct Services (CDS), which means we do all the hiring and firing of our attendants. We chose this over going with an agency because attendants from an agency would not be able to drive our vans which we need. Although, sometimes it is really hard to find people to work as an attendant when you have to do the recruiting yourself.

no money

Another problem with finding attendants is the pay is ridiculously low due to the rate set by the government which isn’t competitive to the average rate for the economy. My experience with agency option is they also have difficulties hiring applicants due to the low pay. Plus, they are supposed to provide a backup attendant when a client’s regular scheduled attendant can’t make it. This is not always reliable because most they only have one backup for ten people.  They are also shorthanded!

Dave and I also are face with problem of applicants not showing up for an interview.  We don’t understand why people schedule an interview and then not show. It is very disrespectful and is a waste of time. I wonder if people not showing up for an interview is common for other companies like Dell Computers, Apple, Health Care Agencies, etc. Even if they received a better offer, they should e-mail or call us to say so! We don’t like getting dressed on a Saturday just to wait for a no show.

One of my blog followers’ son just started college and he is living on campus. He has a physical disability and relies on attendant care. Even though he uses the agency option, they can’t find any attendants. One suggestion I have is to advertising on campus. This is something I did when I was in college. I would think the college has its own Facebook page or students that students\groups who created Facebook page for different purposes such as job postings. This is a new way Dave and I are finding attendants, we post our attendant ad on different Facebook pages around Austin. We still get some no shows (not plas many as we did before). I hope this helps!

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