This is my attendant, this is my attendant on drugs!


Things are finally getting back to normal as far attendant go but I wouldn’t hold my breath!  Dave went the art studio today and I am writing my blog. We hired three new attendants who can work for us both which is awesome in case someone calls in so now we have back ups. It was difficult when we weren’t together as a married couple to find attendants, but now it was extremely difficult to find double the attendants.  Dave and I like to have two attendants at a time because we each have our separate things to do.  Although some nights, we will have one attendant because we are usually together in the evenings.

The last couple of month, Dave and I had the worse luck with attendants.  The attendant story that puts the cherry on top is the woman who we found passed out in her car in front of our house.  She was supposed to come at 8:00 in the morning but she called me at about 8:15 saying she was running late and she would be there in ten minutes.  Well, ten minutes came and went and Dave’s attendant who was scheduled to come at 10:00 come in with a confused look because he was expecting to see my attendant because her car was in front of our house.  I called my back up attendant and she came over while Dave got ready for the day.

By the time my backup arrived Dave was in his wheelchair and he, my attendant and his went out to the car.  They saw her inside the car unconscious and they knocked on her widow to try to wake her up but she wouldn’t.  So, they called 911 and requested EMS and the police.  Long story short, she was passed out on crack and the police found a pipe and some pills.  I think EMS checked her over but she was okay and quickly arrested.

A few days and she tried to get her job back. She told us that she had a seizure that was why she passed out.  The interesting part about it was she couldn’t provide a letter from her seizures because the emergency room diagnosed her.  At this point, we knew she was lying!







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