Living a Normal Life

Usually my blog is about AAC but I would like to discuss the phrase “Living a Normal Life”.  Living a normal life can be subjective in that people define normal differently.  My normal has always been what the average person accomplishes in their life.   For instance, I was with an abled-bodied man for fifteen years.  Did that make me more normal than marrying a man with a disability?  I guess some people think that being with an able-bodied person makes them look more normal.

Now I have been married to a man with a disability and I truly don’t see the difference.  However, personality wise I prefer my current husband because we like to do the same things and we share a wicked sense of humor.  We like to go to concerts and we really enjoy taking trips together just like a “normal” couple.  Some may say my life has been more than average since I went through a separation.

For all of the people who think being with somebody who is able-bodied I want to tell them it doesn’t make you more normal.  You still have a disability either way.

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